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ethical or substance benefit or use; profit or profitfor the good of our staff; what's the superior of stressing?

to complete all you can to show a failure and so on into a little something prosperous. She is let down at not moving into College but she'll just should make the best of it and find a career. jou daarmee versoen, dit vir lief neem يَنْتَفِعُ عَلى أفْضَلِ وَجْه извличам максимална полза/ superar a situação vyrovnat se, využít das Beste daraus machen få det bedste ud af det αντιμετωπίζω μια αρνητική κατάσταση όσο πιο αποτελεσματικά μπορώ tomarse algo lo mejor posible, ver el lado bueno de algo enda kasuks pöörama ساختن با؛ تحمل کردن kääntää tilanne voitoksi accommoder de לְמָצוֹת אֶת הַמֵיטָב सफलता के लिए कोशिश करना izvući najveću korist kihasznál berbuat sebaik-baiknya gera eins gott út og hægt er rassegnarsi 逆境に善処する 최대한 활용하다 nenusiminti samierināties (ar kaut ko); izmantot pēc iespējas labāk menggunakan sesuatu dengan sebaik-baiknya er het beste van maken fileå det beste ut av noe starać się wybrnąć ودانول superar a situação a se împăca cu ideea не падать духом zmieriť sa s sprijazniti se iskorisiti maksimalno göra det bästa möjliga av det ทำในสิ่งที่ดีที่สุด elindekinden mümkün olduğunca yararlanmak; onlardan en iyi şekilde istifade etmek 竭盡所能化危機為轉機 не журитися مقدور بھر ، حتی المقدور còn nước còn tát 尽所能转败为胜,充分利用

the vast majority of; nearly (all of). I've study the best Component of two hundred books on the subject. grotendeels, die meeste مُعْظَمُ ، القِسْمُ الأكْبَرُ مِن около a maior parte většina, skoro všechno der größte Teil von størstedel το μεγαλύτερο μέρος από κτ. la mayoría lõviosa قسمت عمده suurin osa la plupart de מרבית सबसे अच्छा हिस्सा gotovo sve a nagyobbik része vminek hampir semua megnið af quasi; la maggior parte di ~のほとんど .

the best : the best individual or factor : the best group of folks or items : someone's or something's handiest, capable, or effective condition : the best degree that you could do or realize

fantastic - acquiring desirable or good attributes Specially People suited to a issue specified; "Excellent news through the clinic"; "a good report card"; "when she was fantastic she was really Excellent"; "an excellent knife is a single excellent for cutting"; "this stump will make a great picnic desk"; "a fantastic Test"; "a superb joke"; "a superb exterior paint"; "a superb secretary"; "a fantastic gown to the office"

These example sentences are chosen automatically from several on-line information sources to reflect present-day utilization from the term 'best.' Views expressed from the examples tend not to represent the belief of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Deliver us feed-back.

best - (superlative of `very good') acquiring more info essentially the most beneficial features; "the best film with the yr"; "the best Remedy"; "the best time for planting"; "wore his best fit"

These illustration sentences are selected immediately from many on the web information resources to mirror latest use with the term 'best.' Sights expressed from the illustrations never stand for the belief of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send out us opinions.

Let's be honest: Up to we prefer to take in healthful, the aged sweet tooth often gets the best of us.

(one thing that's) fantastic to the greatest extent. the best guide on the subject; the best (that) I can perform; She's my best friend; Which method is (the) best?; The bouquets are at their best just now. beste أفْضَلُ ، الأفْضَلُ най-добър melhor nejlepší beste/-r/-s bedst ο καλύτερος, άριστοςmejor parim بهترین paras le/la meilleur/-eure הַטוֹב בְּיוֹתֵר सर्वोत्तम najbolji legjobb paling baik bestur migliore, il migliore 最良の 가장 좋은 geriausias vislabākais baik bestbestnajlepszy تر ټولو ښه، تر ټولو غوره، تر ټولو ګټور melhor cel mai bun лучший najlepší najboljši najbolji bäst ดีที่สุด en iyi, en iyisi 最好的 найкращий بہترین tốt nhất; đẹp nhất 最好的

En una boda tradicional el novio (bridegroom) va acompañado del best gentleman, un amigo íntimo o un pariente cercano que tiene la responsabilidad de asegurarse de que todo marche bien en el día de la boda (marriage ceremony day). No hay pues, madrina. El best guy se encarga, entre otras cosas, de los anillos de boda, de llevar al novio a la iglesia a tiempo y de dar la bienvenida a los invitados.

n (= particular person, thing) the best → der/die/das Beste; the best on the bunch (inf) → (noch) der/die/das Beste; his past ebook was his best → sein letztes Buch war sein bestes; with the best of intentions → mit den besten Absichten; They can be the best of friends → sie sind enge Freunde; he can sing Together with the best of these → er kann sich im Singen mit den Besten messen

She's not an excellent cook at the best of occasions → Elle n'est pas exactement un génie de la Delicacies, même au mieux de sa forme.

-promoting creator and journalist Carl Hiaasen, were a function author on the Baltimore Sunlight for 15 decades just before going on the Capital in 2010 being an assistant editor.

worst - the weakest effort or poorest accomplishment a single is effective at; "it absolutely was the worst he had at any time finished on a test"

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